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Ski Workshop

Combining passion, technology, and skill

To make your ski the best it can be

Thanks to our ski experts and the latest technology, we ensure you always have the best skis or snowboard for any type of snow so you can enjoy it safely.

Ski workshop Le Ski Lab


Worn-down skis? Adjusting the base

The bottom of the ski is important; our ski experts know how to adjust and rework the base to guarantee the best fit.


Skis not gripping? Edge Sharpening

The edges are an important part of a good ski: if they are too sharp, the skis lose precision on turns and as a result their grip is lessened. Our ski experts sharpen skis that ensure ease of use and maximum grip in the slopes.


Skis not gliding? Waxing

Wax enables your skis to glide over the snow. A poorly-waxed ski will not only move poorly over the snow, but also result in damage to the base. Don't hesitate, we look forward to performing a complete ski check-up for you.


Wintersteiger Mercury Technology

We support our ski experts' skill and passion with the best technology. Your skis will be prepared with the Wintersteiger Mercury: a new-generation robot for professional ski preparation.

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